What are we offering?

Our aim is to accelerate and translate diagnostic research into the clinic. Without access to patient pools, without further development, and without connections to industry it can be difficult to get diagnostic applications to the clinic. We offer access to these resources.

The Centre for Diagnostics Development operates a true collaborative model of performing assay design, development and validation in our own laboratories at our own risk. In producing a robust industry standard data package, research developed assays are progressed towards clinical use.

How you could benefit

We help by offering collaborative diagnostic assay development and validation thereby bridging the gap between early stage diagnostic research, its commercial exploitation and ultimately its use in clinical diagnostics/patients. By adding this data to your project it can help expedite your research towards the clinic.

Which types of early stage project we are looking to co-develop?

Initially we are interested in RNA/DNA/protein – based diagnostics, particularly in the areas of oncology, infectious diseases and pharmacogenomics. You may have also have a range of enabling tools including assays(s) and related components such as antibodies and DNA markers which may be used to validate the project.

Who we work with

Academia, charities, biotechs and pharma

You will be an academic scientist, a biotechnology or pharmaceutical company who wishes to co-develop diagnostic opportunities. You may have an early stage research assay and/or assay enabling technology that addresses an area of unmet clinical need but may have limited resources, data and proof of concept to progress the opportunity further.

Our approach

Reducing risk

We will progress your opportunity towards pre-clinical proof of concept thereby mitigating the investment risk to industry. This will be achieved through further assay development and rigorous validation testing in an appropriate sample population including clinical samples. We can also identify the best partnering stage and opportunity to advance your project.