Drug discovery is expensive, risky and difficult

Many exciting new drug targets arise from academic discoveries.However, academic scientists often lack access to facilities, expertise or funding to translate their research or attract an industrial partner.

We can help bridge this gap and accelerate your research to generate new small molecule or antibody drugs.

Collaborative model

• Our drug discovery scientists work in close collaboration with academic researchers.

• We provide the expertise and resources for all aspects of preclinical drug discovery. Our academic collaborators provide biology and disease expertise and access to relevant tools, assays and models.

• Academic collaborators are integral members of the project team. By working together we aim to develop new drug candidates and partner these to industry for clinical development.

Why work with us?

Clinical need
We work in any disease area. Our mission is to generate new and better medicines to improve patients’ lives.

Global focus
We collaborate with academics and universities around the world and have active projects in UK, Europe, US and China.

We have state-of-the-art laboratories and teams of highly experienced drug discovery scientists.

Track record
We have helped develop four drugs that have reached market and are currently treating patients. Another ten projects have been partnered and are in pre-clinical or clinical development.

Not for profit
We are a self-funded not-for-profit organisation. We cover all of our own costs and share downstream revenues with our academic partners.


  • Novel therapeutic targets in any disease area with an unmet medical need
  • New approaches to modulate a known disease target
  • Strong evidence linking the target to human disease and confidence that target modulation would have a therapeutic effect
  • Academic collaborators with disease biology expertise, e.g. access to enabling assays, reagents and disease models
  • Drugable targets such as receptors, secreted proteins, enzymes and protein-protein interactions

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